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When it feels like you’re stuck in the wrong job.

Header When it feels like you are stuck in the wrong job

When it feels like you’re stuck in the wrong job – know that you are not.

When it feels like it’s too late to start something new – know that you can.

When it feels like no one will ever give you a break -know that they will.

And if reading this doesn’t feel real – know that it is and I see you.

Know that the path to stepping up is not always easy and often the status quo has a powerful undertow, happy to keep you ‘settling’ for work you don’t love and ‘stuck’ in a career far from living your greatness in your work.

I acknowledge your courage and I acknowledge your need for
more purpose,
more impact,
more happiness at work.

When it feels like your stuck in the wrong job.

Know that you haven’t come this far, to only come this far.

Know that your best is yet to come.

Know this like I do.

‘If you use your own sense of purpose to inform your professional decisions and progress, you will end up being able to do what you love.’

– Tony Robbins

When it feels like you’re stuck in the wrong job.

When it feels like you’re buried under the weight of unsatisfying work, in a dark place with no visible way out;

…sometimes that’s exactly when the right seeds get planted.

When feeling stuck, stagnant, frustrated and unhappy overwhelm you; this is exactly the friction you need to power your way out.

…sometimes when you feel like you’re are at your weakest, you are actually at your most powerful.

I believe in you and I believe in your wildest career dreams; now it’s time to start running like you are on fire towards them.

When it feels like you’re stuck in the wrong job, and you want to move what do you do?

Q: How do you find your passion?

A: By a trial-and-error process.

None of us know exactly how we feel about anything until we actually try it.

*Make a list of the type of work that you think you will enjoy and then commit to ‘trying’ it in a specific timeframe.

What is passion anyway?

Passion is the result of Action.

Action is the result of a mindset shift.

A mindset shift is the result of an emotion.

An emotion is the result of an experience – good or bad.

An experience is the result of living a full life.

Living a full life is the result of energy.

Therefore Energy & Action = Passion.

Live your life to its fullest and know that You alone, are the owner of your career.

When it feels like you’re stuck in the wrong job, take action.

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