Fabienne Frederickson said that "When you have clarity of intention, the universe conspires with you to make it happen". Licia's program assisted me to get that clarity of intention, to be able to truly choose for me and allow my career choices to be congruent with who I am.

She assisted me to not only see me in the future but to live who I am now in order to achieve the future. 

Her Energy, enthusiasm, her zeal to genuinely getting you to succeed not just in your career but to succeed to be the best you right now.

I would recommend Licia's career strategy program to anyone who is willing to invest in themselves and truly unearth their true potential so that the universe can conspire to bring about what you are destined to become. Whether you are at the crossroads of your career or you feel stuck or simply just need confirmation in the way that you are going, Licia as career strategist is the way to go.

~ Richard Charlie

Trade Marketing Manager

Teaming up with Licia on my career strategy was a truly inspirational experience. She is energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about helping people reach their full potential.

Her programme is unique and took me on a journey of self-exploration - crystalising my true skills and passions - that helped me realise my true value and the contributions I can make.

She challenged me to be confident, dream big and set big audacious goals.

She stood by me every step of the way and was instrumental in helping me develop a clear picture of my brand.

Highly recommend Licia's journey to anyone seeking to find their true purpose and a focused career strategy or even if you just want affirmation that you are on the right track.

~ Johann Koster


Working with Licia is a transformative process and she encourages you to own, embrace and stand proud in your uniqueness.

Licia partners with you at every step of the journey and having experienced the journey herself has developed the knack of sharing affirmations at the right time. Licia is able to manage the conversation with the crazy voices in your head and puts things into perspective in a forthright and witty manner.

Licia stretches you outside of your comfort zone and I was able to the see the value of being digitally connected and developing my brand through the social media platforms. Midway into the programme, I have a revived sense of purpose and I am more open to the possibilities of expanding my passions.

I would recommend Licia to anyone who wants to redefine their talents and step into their greatness because she is a master of this craft. 

~ Tatiana Page

Talent Development Manager

I am currently engaged with Licia at the Harness level of her Career Strategy Process. As a Partner in an existing Consulting Practice, the intent of this engagement was, and is not, to seek a job. It is all about a process of reinvigoration and more purposeful positioning of myself and my contributions through the work that I do - and YES - reigniting a flame in me! I am already so deeply grateful for this process and Licia's capacity to lead me through it.

The process is structured, rigorous and magnificently crafted - Licia herself is highly gifted in her ability to walk with you through this journey.

Her passion for her work is infectious; the personal commitment she has made, to what is essentially my process and strategy going forward, has propelled deeper beliefs in me as to the possibilities that exist. Whilst holding me personally accountable, Licia has already pushed me way beyond personal comfort zones, and I love it! I remain exhilarated in this process and would recommend it and Licia in a heartbeat.

This journey is so necessary for all who seek to purposeful align themselves to their professions, roles and contributions of choice. 

~ Linda Eyre

Founder, YBL Institute of Leadershipr


I have known Licia for a number of years and recently engaged her on her Career Strategy programme.

Being a Senior HR Professional myself , who has assisted others over the years with their careers, I was at a crossroads with my own career & the passion to launch my business. Licia brings a unique flavour to career strategy with her Innovative techniques, motivation, patience and dedication. Her ability to work with a strong-minded individual as myself is remarkable.

I highly recommend Licia's programme to anyone needing guidance and a career boost. 

~ Karen Naidoo

Owner, Kadence Consulting


Working with Licia was a truly enriching experience. Although she specialises in Career Strategy, she has adapted her process to help me with my entrepreneur's journey.

Through her coaching I had complete clarity again about my behavioral preferences and my values. That contributes to being motivated and clear about your career and business goals. She is very professional and meticulous in her approach to provide personalised assistance for your particular situation.

I have improved my brand positioning and can focus on continuing with the work where I contribute the most value to my clients and teams.

I would recommend Licia to any person seeking to advance their career, but also to people who are on an entrepreneurs journey and who need specialist guidance and the confidence from knowing themselves and where to focus their energies in the future.

~ Linky Van Der Merwe

Founder, Virtual Project Management


The past two weeks have been very enlightening and it feels as though a fire is rising. The exercises have really unlocked an array of questions and sometimes even surprisingly awesome answers.


~ Edwin


Thanks for the encouragement and support as always. I have received comments about how maturely I seem to be evaluating things and how much calmer I sound compared to six months ago. You were very instrumental regarding my improved my confidence. Thanks again for all your help.


~ Natalie


I am so grateful for having made this investment in myself as not even 3 weeks in and I can see the immense value and already have had so many career shifts. You have helped me so much.

~ Sivu


People think that after being in the workplace for 20 years you would know or be able to identify the ideal job/role for yourself. This is not always the case however, and I am fortunate that I reconnected with Licia at a time of my life where I was exploring possibilities and a new city.


~ Lance


She is a guru on personal branding, particularly on branding yourself on social media. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Licia and I have no doubt she will continue inspiring and helping individuals move forward in their careers.


~ Katie


I highly recommend her work and have can see how I have been able to build on the Strategy Licia developed with me, as it was fundamentally sound and totally comprehensive.


~ Mimi