I once found myself in a corporate career that I didn't know how to get out of.

myself back to PURPOSE and my PASSION

Now, my work has me falling in love with what I do every day.


In the POWER OF POSSIBILITY, and I build compelling and triumphant career strategies for my clients.

That work is not meant to be a struggle and WE ALL HAVE THE POWER WITHIN US to regain our ultimate most fabulous careers.

That EVERYONE HAS A UNIQUE BLUEPRINT OF TALENTS within the core of who they are that transcends qualifications and past experience.

That when we are able to connect our minds to our hearts WE WILL FIND THE WAY TO SIGNIFICANT AND REWARDING CAREERS.

That when courage, humility, gratitude and curiosity lead MAGIC HAPPENS



I am ridiculously passionate about connecting you to your super powers.

I relentlessly ensure that you learn how to change the way you think.

I persistently help you understand your purpose.

I tenaciously connect you to key decision makers and thought leaders.

I just love it when you learn how to bravely step into your authentic career.



Licia was born in Buenos Aires Argentina, and was raised travelling the world. She lived and was educated in North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Her unusual upbringing exposed her to the rich cultural melting pot and global diversity that the world offers.

Licia holds undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in Dramatic Arts, BA (Hons) from the University of Pietermaritzburg, (1994) On graduating she opted to travel independently where she taught English in South America and Drama in Europe to fund her travels.

In 1997, she returned to her home in South Africa, and in the absence of a clear career path of what she was to be or do; Licia accepted a job in the recruiting world. With the exception of an exit to pursue social entrepreneurial work, Licia went on to cultivate her role as a career recruiter for close to 17 years, placing hundreds of executives within corporate environments and entrepreneurial start-ups across Southern Africa & Sub Saharan African territories. Licia was frequently retained by her clients to exclusively source whole leadership teams for their organizations.

In 2013, after a chosen career sabbatical, Licia recognized that she had lost her own ‘career passion' and had developed a growing awareness of her constant frustration that she could only help one person: she was in the wrong career.

With a focus and a clear understanding to create positive change in people’s careers, Licia career strategized herself and arrived at a space where she was clearly able to create the Career Strategist profile. With the unique perspective of having been on all sides of the proverbial recruiting table, her innovative strategies are widely seen as positively disruptive to the traditional recruitment world, and ground breaking and supportive to mid-level - senior executives wanting to change careers.