My signature CAREER STRATEGY service is a 12-week process designed to create & catalyze measurable results in your career.


Action orientated and results focused the 12 -week career strategy 'fire' process is created to generate success in it's

detail a 360° process covering every aspect of career change.

relevance - an individualized course of action tailored for you. 

innovation - a disruptive formula to approach your career search with.


We meet regularly throughout the 12-weeks to co-create your future career.

The process is designed to meet you ‘where you are at’ in your career journey, irrespective of your current position.

Three levels of engagement exist, offering you the flexibility of frequency to best suit your needs;

Guide Level - 6 Strategy Sessions

Facilitate Level - 9 Strategy Sessions

Harness Level - 12 Strategy Sessions

Together we assess which level will best cater for your particular needs and situation.

Each level offers the identical process however differs on frequency of touch points / engagement.

All consulting sessions are conducted in person and virtually.


Your time is a precious commodity and you deserve to gain the most effective results from your career efforts; with guided deliberate actions and strategic tangible steps to change, you will be navigated towards a successful career outcome.



An intense strategy creating a new mindset and scoping out action steps. Covering the three key stages, IGNITE is a condensed & high-level career strategy service preparing you to take action in your career.

  • you've done some reflection work before but need to put a strategy in place.
  • you have a specific time frame within which to achieve results.
  • you are self-motivated & work well on your own with virtual sessions.
  • you have the availability to book strategy sessions during office hours in a strict 6 -week time frame.



Mini strategy hours to book when you need advice, guidance & a strategy but are not looking for a structured process.

Quick, effective & tangible Career Strategy SPARK offers you what you need for your biggest burning issue.

A dedicated strategy to spark real action & successful results in your career, especially for your ;

  • interview preparation.
  • prep for a salary negotiation.
  • feedback on your LinkedIn profile.
  • optimizing your CV.
  • clarity for your next steps.

 Frustrations will be replaced with Results.

Your career destiny is in your hands & you are in control to design exactly where you chose to be;

with strategic advice, critical action and an accountability partner on your side, ensuring your goals are achieved.


 Fears will be replaced with Clarity.

Your past does not dictate your future; re framing your brand to attract the right opportunities aligned to your career goals.

a tailored strategy to elevate your brand with discernment and visibility, your career dreams are converted into reality.


 Doubt will be replaced with Belief.

The clarity of your decision translated into a simple clear strategy geared to achieve your unique results,

with the possibilities of your career becoming both tangible and achievable.