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Let’s get on a quick call to talk through what you need in your career right now and which career strategy service is right for you.

My work is a high energy, high touch, white glove service where I deeply invest my time with each client.

I get the best results for established and emerging leaders based globally, and sessions are conducted in person or virtually. Cape Town South Africa is home with top speed fibre for hyper personal contact.


You decide which career strategy service works for you

12 weeks Fire

is the most supportive and effective service offering you both a mindset change and action steps to back it up; there are 3 levels of engagement based on our face to face time ; offering you flexibility to chose a level to your budget.

is ideal if you have already done some thinking work on your career and need a clear strategy to enhance this and maximise your results.

is flexible and on demand allowing you to book my me when you need me. If you schedule more than 3 SPARKS in less than 3 months, I would advise that you consider up levelling to a longer-term career strategy service.

We decide on the best times to connect

We decide when your best time in a day is, and best day in a week to connect and I will create a calendar of sessions around your convenience not mine.

  • My career strategy works doesn’t keep office hours necessarily
  • My work is co -creative and takes you to the edge of your comfort zone and I want to work with you when you are in flow –
  • Note * career strategy FIRE – Harness level offers after hour times and weekends