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Knowing your Skills vs your Talents.

Header Knowing your skills vs your talents

The first step to planning a solid career strategy is knowing yourself.

The foundation step of knowing yourself is knowing what your skills vs your talents are.

There are the elements that form part of your career identity and without this clarity of yourself you wouldn’t know what the difference is between satisfying – good work is for you vs hard hard hard work!

Here is my definition of these two elements to help with this clarity.

Skill = acquired knowledge, learnt information, something you were taught & now master.

You are always acquiring new skills.

You dial up into your skills, they don’t come naturally. They can exhaust you.

Skills = ~the gifts the world gives to you.

Talent = inherent knowledge, this is who you are, no-one ever taught you this, you were always good it this.

Your talents are refined but rarely change.

They come naturally to you, and they energize you.

Talents = ~ the gifts you give to the world.

Action Step – define your skills vs your talents

Draw a line down the middle of a blank piece of paper and on the left write down all the skills that you can call your own. These would include what you learnt in any tertiary studies or short courses and have mastered, they would include the elements of your job description which you are required to do along with IT / Tech related information.

Now take a stab at listing out your talents; I know it can be hard at first, once you start you will notice what starts to come up for you. What are the things that people are always complementing you on? And what are the things you always excel at? What are the things you enjoy doing and bring you a sense of joy? What are the things you did as a child and become known for!?

Knowing this about yourself is foundational to your successful career strategy and can support you to identify what really good work means to you vs hard work.

Email me and ask any questions you have about this. I want you to understand the strategy behind this advice.

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