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Top 3 Mindsets for your Career Strategy

Header Top 3 Mindsets for your Career Strategy

Your career strategy, like any epic journey in life, requires the right Mindset. It is entirely our responsibility alone to develop these top mindsets. It is our ‘job’ to create top mindsets for a successful career strategy. No one can do this for us.

What is a Mindset?

I like to define our Mindset as both our Thinking & our Attitudes. What we think influences our attitudes and forms our behaviour.

Consider these if you will as your GPS (Thinking) & water (Attitudes) without which your journey would be well over before it had begun. The right amount of Good Mindsets are as vital to us as water & a GPS are to any epic journey.

I enjoy the metaphor of our thoughts as a GPS system. It really isn’t too much for the imagination to consider. Like a GPS, our own internal thinking directs us forward or holds us back.

– Your GPS, like your thinking will constantly refresh and update itself to remain functioning and healthy. Any amount of stagnation or negativity will cause you to stop in your tracks.

And attitudes as water because we need to consume water to survive, and the quality of our lives is in direct proportion to the quality of that which we consume; water= attitude.

– Similarly, you will need to actively refill your attitudes with clean, fresh, unpolluted life fuelling source as you would a water bottle. If the water you take in is poisoned, then your journey is done. No matter how well performing your GPS system is.

Therefore, as you set out it is essential to check that the GPS & water that you plan to take along with you, are in good working order, because these will surely be the measure of your success.

So, with all good metaphors intact, here are the 3top mindsets to develop for your career strategy on this epic journey of life.

Here are my Top 3 mindsets that you need to develop for your career strategy.

Header 3 top Mindsets for your Career Strategy

3 Top Mindsets for your Career Strategy

1.Your curiosity.

Without Curiosity your imagination will not function. Without your imagination you could miss opportunities that subtlety nudge you in a certain direction.

Remaining curious will keep all possible avenues, pathways and doors open to you. You will notice them and then can enquire about them.

Never stop asking questions, it is healthy to do so, and keeps your environment in check. Being interested in things outside of your immediate career scope is essential to your strategy.

Always nurture your curiosity and it will serve you well.

2. Persistency & consistency in your actions.

Hitting the gym 3 days a week for one whole month is admirable, however useless if you do not keep it up. Just as using the publishing on LinkedIn is super powerful o elevate your social influence. However useless if you don’t keep it up – persistently.

LinkedIn is a strong platform if you stick to a regular content and publishing cycle. Similarly, leveraging your networks will not yield good results if you only do so at the end of the year.

Commit to a persistent and consistent strategy that is sustainable and doable for you. Then measure the weekly, and monthly results this brings you. Adjust your actions if needed but always keep taking action.

This activity will build and compound over time and serve you well.

Stick with it, especially when it feels hard.

3. A willingness to learn something – often.

When the student is ready the teacher appears. When you get strategic about your career there is a magic in the universe that steps up to help you.

As you decide, to step outside of your comfort zone and learn something new, this sends energy into the universe.

The universe then responds to this exciting energy, and

What if that decision is to (un) learn the changes that need to be made? Same process applies, an energetic charge into the universe. It is impossible for this to go unanswered or worst to be ignored. You will be well supported along your way.

Stay open and stay in tune with when your intuition is telling you.

It is most vital to keep hold of this.

Make a commitment to yourself today to get strategic about your career. Start now and actively create these top 3 mindsets for your career strategy.

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