Fight for Your Career Calling ~ Now.

 Finding your career calling can feel daunting… It’s about aligning your work with your passions, values, and strengths, and it’s never too late to start. Here’s how to fight for your career calling and make this the year you truly thrive.   Embrace Self-Discovery   Finding your career calling begins with self-discovery. Take the time…

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Finding Happiness Beyond Work: Unveiling the Essence of Meaningful Work

Work is more than a routine; it’s a canvas where our dreams, skills, and ambitions converge. Often, the debate about work’s significance revolves around whether it’s interesting or tedious. However, the true essence may not lie in these extremes but in our perception and understanding of what work means to us.   The Neutral Definition…

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How to be an Expert in your career

How to be an Expert in your Career

How to be an Expert in your career. How to be an Expert in your Career- Gone are the days of the generalist. Becoming an expert in your career gives you authority and power.  You own your career, and the company owns your job. It is therefore to your benefit to become an expert in…

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3 Action Steps to reduce Overwhelm on LinkedIn

3 Action Steps to reduce overwhelm on LinkedIn

Overwhelm on LinkedIn is real. Now more than ever, we must take tangible steps to reduce the inevitable overwhelm that we experience online. To show up authentically and with inspiration. The world needs to hear your voice, and I am passionate about teaching you the skills to reduce overwhelm. You deserve to create the kind…

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