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3 Action Steps to reduce Overwhelm on LinkedIn

3 Action Steps to reduce overwhelm on LinkedIn

Overwhelm on LinkedIn is real.

Now more than ever, we must take tangible steps to reduce the inevitable overwhelm that we experience online. To show up authentically and with inspiration.

The world needs to hear your voice, and I am passionate about teaching you the skills to reduce overwhelm. You deserve to create the kind of opportunities that increasing your visibility on LinkedIn provides.

They are many reasons why this overwhelm exists; namely

  • Spam & Inappropriate contact
  • A cluttered and irrelevant feed
  • Look’ism and the beast of comparison
  • Being Uninspired by your network
  • Or simply the time it takes to show up authentically

Primarily, I believe that one of the biggest reasons comes from not knowing enough, but rather knowing too much.       


Don’t expect the platform to be all things to you. You need to set the strategy of what the platform should deliver. It is our job to use the powerful tool that LinkedIn is with strategic intent. It is our job to get clear on what we want to achieve online.

A goal without a strategy to achieve it is just a wish.

A strategy without execution to action it is just hope.

We can hope and wish all we want on LinkedIn. Or we get strategic and take these 4 action steps to reduce the overwhelm.

Action Step No 1

Make sure that you have LinkedIn downloaded on your phone. The android and apple app is super user friendly and as a result much easier to navigate than the desktop version. Moreover, zoom gloom and being sedentary does not inspiration make.

The phone app will support you to access the 1 mindset strategy that I teach. ‘While the kettle boils’ , yes we take LinkedIn very seriously and treat it with the professional respect it commands. This doesn’t mean we must be in work mode on the platform.

Some of my most inspiring posts and connections often comes from accessing the platform via the phone app. Most importantly, while life happens around me I am a part of it. Rather than being holed away in my office checking out LinkedIn.

This action step may seem obvious to some. However, the App over Desktop debate will always win for me. Subsequently, when I’m at my desk, I will still chose to access my profile via the app.

This helps me reduce the overwhelm. Above all it ensures that LinkedIn remains light and inspiring for me, as opposed to becoming a drag and uninspiring.

Action Step No 2

Create a shared folder on your phone, that you can access from other devices. This will serve as a main contact point for; all things inspirational to post, people to meet, replies and comments to save.

How this plays out; while you are on LinkedIn, and you may see something or someone you would like to follow up on, however, you do not have the time to do so then. Save the info. to this share folder to action later.

As a result, you completely reduce the overwhelm.

Big time saver and overwhelm reducer.

Furthermore, you may even decide to sub divide your shared folder into more specific categories for instance

  • Ideas for content
  • People to reach out to
  • Jobs to investigate
  • Companies to research
  • General Notes

Can you already see what a big reduction in overwhelm this will make?

Action Step No 3

Every post on LinkedIn has 3 grey buttons in the top righthand corner.

The reason why I call these the ‘Magic 3 Buttons’ is due to the following;

  • Mute content or posts you do not wish to see.
  • Report and Hide the same which is irrelevant for you
  • Save & Share content.

This function is a wonderful tool provided by LinkedIn; to clean up and manage your home feed, to help reduce the overwhelm and make it more relevant.

Make sure that you use these 3 buttons vigorously to prompt the algorithms to send you more relevant content.

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