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How to be an Expert in your career.

be an Expert in your Career

How to be an Expert in your career.

How to be an Expert in your Career- Gone are the days of the generalist. Becoming an expert in your career gives you authority and power.  You own your career, and the company owns your job. It is therefore to your benefit to become an expert in your career and leverage your growth.

How to become an expert in your career is an actionable process. Follow the steps outlined in this blog on ‘How to be an expert in your career’ and go ahead and leave a comment so I can help you with the strategy.

Wikipedia~ An expert has a broad and deep competence in terms of knowledge, skill, and experience through practice & education in a particular field

I have broken down how to become an expert in your career into 3 actionable steps.

Note: This body of knowledge is the result of my work as a career strategist for over a decade. My clients are all established and emerging experts in their niche, seeking clarity, confidence, and community to power them forward in their careers. This is the work of my signature career strategy process. #TheCareerStrategyFormula

Step 1: Know Yourself.

A solid understanding of yourself is essential to achieve expert status. You simply cannot short circuit this step. Thinking your good at something is not the right playing field. You need to know exactly what you are good at and why.

This is the hardest part to achieving expert status. This is where the real work begins, where the rubber hits the road.

Knowing yourself is what differentiates ‘expert’ from ‘good’

What motivates you, what keeps you engaged, what are you curious about, what specific tasks do you enjoy doing and why, what is it that you always do, that no one needs to ever remind you to do? These are all questions to help identity your career identity

Your career identity = your strengths and I teach that there three key elements that form your career identity.

  1. What you do, your skills, job title & duties, qualifications, and career history.
  2. Why you do it; your drivers, talents, and motivators and lastly
  3. How you do it, which is your unique behaviours and patterns.

Developing an authentic career identity is the path to expert status. Knowing why you do what you do and how you do it, not just what you do is step1 in how to become and expert in your career.

Step2: Laser Focus

Now that you know yourself, a laser focus is needed to dial into situations that call for your strengths. Develop a laser focus for situations that enhance your strengths and avoid situations that don’t, or worse call on your weaknesses.

The most successful ‘expert’ people are always searching for new opportunities to use their strengths. Look for projects, collaborations, teams, and even ad hoc ways to steer your strengths into focus. What you focus on improves, so it makes senses that you would focus on the situations that call for you to be an expert in your career.

Knowing what ‘works for you’ at work and what does not is the difference between expert and good.

Step 3: Get Real with the World of Work

Trying to be good at everything could be keeping you from reaching your full potential in your strongest areas. Gone are the days of the traditional generalist. Becoming and expert in your career needs you to get real with the world of work.

This step invites you to consider what of your strengths are needed in the world of work and how getting real about them will help you achieve expert status in your career.

Don’t get lured into pleasing everyone and being good at everything. Becoming an expert in your career is rewarding both personally and financially. The more of an expert you become in your career, the more in demand you are. And demand creates opportunities.

Getting real with the world of work starts with these 2 key Q’s

  1. What problems does the world have that you can solve?
  2. How are you positioned to help others?

Your answers here will be the fuel to charge up your expert status in your career.

The more you enhance your strengths the closer to ‘expert’ status you will be. I hope that this these 3 steps on how to become an expert in your career, inspire you. You deserve to have the career you want, and you deserve to be an expert in your career.

And as the classic saying goes ‘Go expert or go home’

In summary know yourself, stay laser focused and get real with the world of work in order to become an expert in your career. I wish I had access to this knowledge when I was in my 20’s and started out in my career. It would have saved me years of the wrong work and jump started me to become and expert in my career sooner.

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