The Most Common Career Myths Debunked: The Truth Behind Bad Career Advice

The Most Common Career Myths Debunked:

Commonly held myths can shape our decisions and perceptions, often leading us astray. Blindly following bad career advice can take years to recover from—here, we aim to debunk and banish these myths for good. Navigating your career strategy can be daunting, enough as it is, especially when bombarded with myths and bad advice.  You deserve…

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Fight for Your Career Calling ~ Now.

 Finding your career calling can feel daunting… It’s about aligning your work with your passions, values, and strengths, and it’s never too late to start. Here’s how to fight for your career calling and make this the year you truly thrive.   Embrace Self-Discovery   Finding your career calling begins with self-discovery. Take the time…

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4 Dynamic Strategies to Cultivate Big Ideas in Your Career

Generating innovative ideas in our modern careers is a valuable skill that can set you apart and propel your career forward. Here are four effective strategies to help you cultivate big ideas and drive your career to new heights: 1. Failure Celebration   Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success rather than a roadblock. Cultivate…

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The Power of Gratitude in Shaping Your Career

The Power of Gratitude- Though a natural part of life, regret can become a paralyzing force if not managed properly in our careers. It is the lingering feeling that we could have done something differently, made a better choice, or taken a different path. Yet, no amount of regret can alter the past. What’s done…

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Why Embracing Challenges Can Supercharge Your Career Growth

Why Embracing Challenges Can Supercharge Your Career Growth- If you’re feeling a bit stuck or at odds with your job right now, it might just be the start of something awesome! That feeling of friction or tension you’re facing in your career? It’s like the secret ingredient that can feel uncomfortable but provide for amazing…

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3 Mindset Strategies to help you to deal with retrenchment

A 2-part series of both Mindset & Action steps to help you deal with a retrenchment: Part 1 1. Guard against negativity- Replace ‘crisis’ with catalyst, and do not allow fear to steer the ship. The emotions of fear and shock are real and valid and can be debilitating at times of retrenchment, I honour…

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3 Things to let go in your Career

3 Things to let go in your career

There are unnecessary things that we inadvertently take with us in life. Life like our careers is a journey- pack light and let go of these 3 things. 1/3 things to let go in your Career Holding on to other people’s opinions: Opinions are free. And they are pretty much an opinion about anything in…

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4 Ways to plan your LinkedIn Strategy?

Header 4 Ways to Plan your Linkedin Strategy

What is your LinkedIn strategy? Unless you have a clear LinkedIn strategy in place, you will not get results. Social media is a distraction at the best of times. And without a clear strategy, even LinkedIn, can be a total waste of your time. Despite the platform’s potential, it’s vast number of users and global…

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When it feels like you’re stuck in the wrong job.

Header When it feels like you are stuck in the wrong job

When it feels like you’re stuck in the wrong job. Know that you are not. When it feels like it’s too late to start something new. Know that you can. When it feels like no one will ever give you a break. Know that they will. And if reading this doesn’t feel real – know…

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Don’t make these 3 Interview Mistakes!

Header Don't make these 3 Interview mistakes

An interview is a structured conversation where one participant asks questions, and the other provides answers. So, an interview is an exchange of information to ascertain if there is a meeting of minds. In other words, you are there to talk about you and they are there to talk about what they want. Whatever you…

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