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How To Successfully Power Your Career?

How to Power your Career

How to Power your Career?

In physics, power is the amount of energy transferred: How to power your career is more mindset than it is action step. Commit to these top 4 mindsets to power your career and your career will always be powered.

How to Power your Career 1:

Own it- there is no straight line, decide what you want and pursue it.

Assume the attitude of the buyer of your career, not the seller of your skills and go out and own it.  Get clear on the things that light you up in your career and laser focused in finding situations that call for this. Life is too short to play small with your talents and playing small won’t help the world.

One day or day one- you choose?

You own your career, and the company owns your job. The hardest part is to develop and unrelenting belied in yourself and sell out to your own power. We are not taught this in traditional education but the opposite. Work hard, get a good qualification, work harder, and get a good job and the company will look after you. The great mistruth.

Fact remains that no one really found success without defining it themselves and being courageous enough to pursue it. The individual success stories of today all come with their own unique zig zag path and often -pick- yourself- up-and -dust-yourself -off tempo.

Is there any evidence in the world of the opposite? Maybe yes- however the truth to power your career is to assume the attitude of the buyer of your career and go and get it.

How to Power your Career 2:

Trust your intuition- listen to the guidance you have within, lean into your own inner truth.

You are our own guru. You ultimately know what is best for yourself at any given moment. The trick is to tune in and listen. That is power to your career.

I will raise red flags whenever I am approached for my career startegy work to be the ‘silver bullet’ in someone’s professional world. There is no quick fix and there can be no external magic wand. Yes, you can have the career you want, but the desire needs to be backed by a clear strategy, fuelled with your own innate power.

Leaning into your own inner truth means quietening the noise on the outside and turning up the volume of the voice on the inside.

Intuition belongs to us all. Accessing your inner truth and hearing the true voice of your intuition is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself. I have spoken on intuition and even publicly debated on live radio about intuition vs rational thought (Future CEOs – Intuition vs Rational Thought – CliffCentral)

How to Power your Career 3:

Connection – strong, long term and ever-growing relationships, that you nurture and actively grow.

We humans are hard wired for connection. In a pandemic and post pandemic world where virtual has been the point of contact, we intuitively seek to deepen our connections.

You cannot truly power your career without the people you have nurtured around you professionally.

Who has got you to where you are in your career? Your network and connections that you have nurtured to date it a powerful bank of equity. Don’t underestimate the power of your connections to unlock new opportunities.  

At every new stage of our careers, we require not only new thinking but a new network too. The people you know professionally and the people whom you don’t yet know professionally are the centre of your network.

Deepening and nurturing your connections is a long-term consistent strategy where you nurture and actively grow.  Develop a clear strategy, stay consistent and invest in the people equity that you already have. As a good rule of thumbs start with how you can serve them before you ask for their help.

How to Power your Career 4:

Deep self-care – honouring your mental & physical health consistently.

The oxygen mask falls from the plane to you first. Investing power into your career must come from a place of deep self – care and boundaries before burnout.

In my career strategy work I have seen too many incredibly talented and driven people hit burnout. There are many reasons how burn out happens and that may well be for another blog.

Today make me a promise that you will honour your mental and physical health Above All Else at work.

Taking care of yourself beyond ‘the spa’ is as important for your company as it is for yourself. No one wants to drive you to burn out and no one can be held responsible for this other than you.

Here are my tops tips for deep self-care to ensure that you can power your career from a place of health and abundance and not an empty tank
  • Take frequent PAUSE during the day, week, month, and year.
  • Practise being and not doing when you are not working; breathe work and meditation gentle movement will help with this.
  • Spend time in nature and away from your workspace when you can to ground yourself.
  • Drink more water than caffeine and eat a largely green based diet

In summary Own it, trust your intuition, connection and deep self-care are the 4 parts ot how to power your career. I wish I had access to this knowledge when I was in my 20’s and started out in my career. It would have saved me years of the wrong work and jump started me to power my career.

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