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How do you find your passion?

How do you find your passion?

Ask most people you know, and they draw a blank. Why is it that such a fundamental element of our careers & lives is so elusive? How do you find your passion actually? Most of us grapple with this question for most of our adult lives. Its overwhelming at the very least, and the answer often only comes after friction.

I believe that we are all innately passionate about many topics and have many varied passions. We also develop and build our passions over time. By nature, the very definition of these passions often resides within our ‘hobbies & interests’ and hardly ever falls into the category of our careers.

Passion- a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards something.

‘Passion’ is often over traded in the world of work, with organizational design dictating to us what it should be. This is where passion & and work in the same sentence is cliched at best. For example your Sales team calls for a passion for selling; your finance team calls for a passion for systems, your HR team calls for a passion for people etc.. Sadly, a complete misalignment with the potential of the unique passions which we all possess.

Again, why is it that such a fundamental element of our careers & lives is so elusive to us?

When we experience friction within our work, and careers we look to our passions to lead the way. Therein lies the rub when we can’t identify or pinpoint what our passions are. Those rare individuals who can confidently answer the question How do you find your passion have learnt the hard way. In other words, things had to fall apart before they found their passion. They had to hit some form of friction in their careers before they invested in finding their passion.

Bottom line is none of us know exactly how we feel about anything until we try it. My best advice therefore is that passion is the result of action.

Q: How do you find your passion?

A: By a trial-and-error process.

*Make a list of the type of work that you think you will enjoy and then commit to ‘trying’ it in a specific timeframe.

Try it by volunteering, or offering a colleague your help, you can also consider pro bono and project work. Your list should include possibility thinking where the ‘trying it out’ could be limiting. That’s not a limit to you to explore people who actually do this work. You can connect with them to ask what it is like.

If this sounds uncomfortable for you to do, then it is exactly the thing that you must do.

Our comfort zone is the radar for the places we must grow beyond.

In my career strategy work I have learnt that our purpose often feeds something greater than ourselves.

So, you can start by looking at what causes, missions and movements speak to you the most. This is where you will start to find your passion. Amongst the emotion that you feel for things you want to change or are driven to change.

If there aren’t any causes missions or movements that speak to you right now, try working through these three prompts.

Reflect on what you would change in the world if you could.

What problems need solving that you can fix?

Do not just think this through – commit to writing it out.

You will soon notice patterns and the benefits of getting it out of your head and onto a piece of paper are immeasurable. The power of writing offers you clarity and sorting through the maze of emotions and thoughts.

If boredom is the antithesis of passion, then passion is the result of living life and getting involved and interested in many things

In short here is a quick formula to consider

  • Passion is the result of Action.
  • Action is the result of a mindset shift.
  • A mindset shift is the result of an emotion.
  • An emotion is the result of an experience – good or bad.
  • An experience is the result of living a full life.
  • Living a full life is the result of energy.
Therefore Energy + Action = Passion. So, live your life to its fullest!

Your thoughts?

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