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Mid-Year YOU Reviews

Header Plan a Mid-year YOU review

Plan ahead and conduct a mid year YOU review!

Why & How you should.

Plan ahead and run a mid year review on YOU; The Why, The How and The Benefits to you. As organizations run through a series of mid-year performance reviews. HR depts. conduct the mandatory task of rating us; on a numerical scale of good things vs bad things we have done.

Assessing how our performance of the past and (hopefully) stretching this into a vision of the future– all the while underlying the numerical point value with a lure of the  illusive year -end bonus or not!

Take charge of your own development and growth and career fulfilment.

Conduct a mid year review for YOU and by you.

Reviewing is any process that helps you to make use of personal experience for your learning and development.

July is an auspicious month; the mid-point of the year, a time to reflect, re set and realign and review!

A date in time which is made even more auspicious by YOU.

The power of a mid- year review; focus on all the things you did right this year. It also helps you to steer your action to repeat more of that.

The 4 step review strategy that I have designed is not about where you need to improve. Rather it lifts your focus to what you have learnt, what made you proud and where you were inspired.

By focusing on the elements of; inspiration – pride- and learning this review is geared to set you up for success from the start.

You own your career- the company owns your job

Unless we take full responsibility for driving the direction of our careers, we cannot expect anyone else to. Or worse the organization to be in control of our happiness and fulfilment at work. 

Take ownership of what’s yours and assume the mentality of being the buyer of your career. Not rather than the seller of your skills.

If careers are about direction and not speed- create a ceremonial practice of completing this review every 6 months. Then watch the fire within you power your career forward in the right direction.

So how exactly do you do a YOU review?

Follow this 4 – Step mid year You review Strategy

Step 1: Answer the following 5 questions- from January this year.

  • Inspiration- What or who inspired you the most?
  • Pride- What did you do that made you feel proud?
  • Learning – What have you learnt?
  • Change- What can you do differently?
  • Help- What support do you need?

Step 2: TAKE ACTION- here are some suggested way’s

  1. Can you list who inspired you the most?

Inspiration Action step – Let them know and show your appreciation.

  1. How about the things that you did you do that made you feel proud?

Pride Action Step- Do more of that again and again and again etc…

  1. Is there anything that you have you learnt?

Learning Action Step –Own it and make it yours so as not to repeat the lessons learnt.

  • If you could, what would you chose to do differently?

Change Action Step- Make this time specific and review this weekly.

  1. Lastly, but oh so important, what support do you need?

Help Action Step- Create an environment of support for yourself; this in turn creates an environment of care for others.

Step 3:  Hold Yourself Accountable

  1. Decide exactly when you will complete your midyear YOU review. Put this date in your calendar, that way you are committing to actually doing it and can hold yourself accountable. 
  2. Set a date for your next review; End of Year YOU review. Make your personal reviews a habit and annual routine and hold yourself accountable to move towards your own growth

Step 4:  Remain Positive

Don’t make the review a negative one. Please know that this is not the time or place for any negative self-talk; leave all the should-have’s would-have’s and could-have’s.

We all miss the mark from time to time, that’s part of being human. Your ability to reflect and review and then adapt your behavior is the review mindset this strategy will create.

Before the month of July ends, try a mid-year YOU review.

It’s never too late to start a good habit.

How I work is to shine a light on your strengths- on Why you do what you do; How you do it – highlighting the natural talents and passion you have.

Whatever you don’t do well know, you know can learn again later. I am more interested in what the fire is inside of you and how this will always shine. All these innate qualities – the totally unique light of yours that the world needs to see, hear and know.

You’ve got this and I’m with you

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