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4 Ways to plan your LinkedIn Strategy?

Header 4 Ways to Plan your Linkedin Strategy

What is your LinkedIn strategy?

Unless you have a clear LinkedIn strategy in place, you will not get results. Social media is a distraction at the best of times. And without a clear strategy, even LinkedIn, can be a total waste of your time.

Despite the platform’s potential, it’s vast number of users and global reach, you need a clear strategy to make it work for you.

Simply being on LinkedIn is not a strategy.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool; however, it’s the strategy that you develop that will deliver results.

Your LinkedIn strategy should have a combination of clear goals and metrics to measure your goals by.

Power up your LinkedIn strategy with these 4 strategic points

1. What do you want to achieve on the platform?

Be extremely specific and clear and detailed about what you what to achieve on LinkedIn. Without a clear set of goals in mind the platform is not effective.

Know exactly what your goals are and write them down. The more detail that you can go int the better. This clarity will direct your actions and maximize your time spent on the platform.

Here are a few examples of what a detailed goal on LinkedIn looks like

  • Building your reputation; in what specifically and with whom?
  • Growing your network; in what specific area, industry and focus patch?
  • Expanding your connections; for the purpose of what exactly?

2. What are you measuring your success by?

– Do you know how close you are getting to your goal?

Likes, comments and visibility are good affirmations that your voice is being heard. However they are not the end goal.

When you know what you want to achieve on the platform, you can match a criteria to measure your success by.

My best advice depends on what you want to achieve
  • A new role: aim for authentic visibility and take as many conversations as possible offline.
  • Building your brand : aim for authentic visibility and publish content frequently
  • Growing your network : aim for authentic visibility and actively search for connections

3. How intentional are you with your time spent here?

Being intentional on LinkedIn

– does your goal drive your activity daily?

Do not open LinkedIn and get caught scrolling through the Home Feed channel. Like any social media platform, this can prove to be a total waste of your time.

Instead, be completely intentional and go to what you measure. In other words, start with the Who’s Viewed my Profile and reach out to people actively choosing to check you out, then go to the Notifications tab can check in what new activity is important for you. Secondly open Messages and see who’s responded back to you, next check open My Network tab and level up with new contacts, and then go to your content visibility via Post Views from your dashboard to see what resonates and who’s responding to what you’re saying.

4. How aligned to your goal is your profile?

Having a professionally written profile is a start. Having a professionally written profile aligned to your goals is a better option. Your entire profile tells a story. Unless the story you are telling aligns with the goals you want to achieve on LinkedIn, your strategy will not work.

Consider these questions to help align your profile to your goals and assess whether your network can do so too!

  • How closely aligned to your goals is your profile Headline and Summary?
  • Is your Experience section written out to enhance what you want to achieve?
  • Do you have Recommendations that support your goals?
  • Is your activity and content supporting your goals?
Unless you have a clear LinkedIn strategy in place to begin with, you will not get results.

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    Great post. Definitely gave me some good tips. Thanks.

    • Licia Dewing on November 9, 2020 at 9:30 pm

      Thanks for the support Gary, pleased you find value here – see you on LinkedIn!

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