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3 Mindset Strategies to help you to deal with retrenchment

Heading : 3 Mindset Strategies to help you deal with Retrenchment

A 2-part series of both Mindset & Action steps to help you deal with a retrenchment:

Part 1

1. Guard against negativity-

Replace ‘crisis’ with catalyst, and do not allow fear to steer the ship.

The emotions of fear and shock are real and valid and can be debilitating at times of retrenchment, I honour and respect the full gamut of raw intense feelings that anyone who is retrenched goes through. 

So, allow yourself to dwell, binge on Netflix or sit ‘shiva for 10 days’ but then put a lid on it and guard against negativity within your own mind and those of your loved ones.

Read only possibility stories of people who overcame. Fill yourself up with every ‘rags to riches’ biography and real-life story you can get your hands on. Create a positive playlist and blast it out when you feel you need a top up and higher energy. Have a daily mantra or affirmation that you repeat all the time to hold your mind in a better space. Words are powerful, feed your mind with the best.

Do whatever it takes to stand guardian at the gateposts of your mind.

Know, Trust & Believe at your core that you are inherently resilient, inventive and creative!

When tested, you will discover that your inner strength far outweighs your outer reality.

Sell out to staying positive.

2. Make self-care a priority-

Be kind to yourself, stick to a routine, exercise, sleep, create curiosity time blocks & be strict with the time you are in job search mode and LinkedIn mode. Be sure to reward yourself by sticking to these time blocks daily and know what mini goals you want to achieve.

Consider what self-cares means to the four vital areas within you; your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical state. Audit where you are at daily and ask yourself the key question

‘What does my emotional /mental/ physical and spiritual self-need right now?’

Answer it in the moment and stay present with the thoughts that come up for you, This process of self-regulating your self-care will keep you in more in touch with your needs and help you process the feelings you are experiencing.

If you are either fighting or fleeing the feelings; than the feelings are winning. Depriving you if the wonderful growth opportunity that lies within any crisis.

You can do this. You are not alone. You’ve got what it takes!

3. Commit to your growth-

Use your time constructively and fill your days with curiosity time blocks where you go and learn something new that you’ve never had the chance to find out before. The internet is a click away of a huge and abundant resource of information. From permaculture, to stock market trading and animal communication get curious about something and learn all you need to know.

My super talent London based client found herself drawn to street magicians and trickery and soon started learning a few basic card tricks and classic magic moves. She is now fully employed in a as near as possible to her dream career and calls herself a part time magician. She looks back in the time she allowed herself to develop this curiosity and is proud of how it nurtured her through a tough retrenchment process.

A bonus was it was always a conversation starter when she was often asked what she had been doing with her time. She even added it to her LinkedIn profile much to her now current employers’ delight.

Study free courses; watch leaders on YouTube, FB live, follow LinkedIn learning- show up as a reliable attendee and ask key questions, put yourself in the same virtual room with giants and stretch up to their height.

Feed and actively develop a growth mindset. You’ll never regret this investment in yourself. And like so many, will look back with pride of what came out of a hard time.

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