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What Does Your Linkedin Profile Photo Say About You?

Professional ? Likable? Influential?

As the worlds largest professional networking platform, LinkedIn connects 380 million people (updated 30 July 2015) from over 200 countries, in 24 different languages daily.

With new users joining by the minute, South Africa contributes 4 million users to LinkedIn, with 40% of the total number of users connecting daily, undeniably it is the most successful social platform to launch your Professional Brand. 

In addition to this as one of the older social networks, LinkedIn has survived changes in technology since its inception 12 years ago and continues to successfully bridge the divide between the generation gaps; with 20 yr old’s to 60 yr old’s enjoying the online professional engagement.

So what exactly does your profile photograph say and how can you be 100% sure that it is conveying the right message about your professional brand? 

We have the answer to that question in this insert of the Career Strategy Tips,Tools & Tricks over at the website: https://www.photofeeler.com

               Photofeeler is a free user based testing website that tells
you how you are perceived in your profile photographs.

It is really simple to use and what we like most about the site is how they have engineered the service in order to maintain their unbiased and independent reviews;  for example the user community consists of you and I, therefore once you have registered and created an account, in order to get feedback on your photo you have to give feedback on someone else’s photo.

Sheer genius- offering free reliable & unbiased advice.

This is a really great tool for getting an opinion on your LinkedIn profile photo, and furthermore as the opinions come from outside of your immediate network you don’t have to ask any of those awkward ‘how do I look in this picture’ questions to friends and family anymore (#awkward)

By using Photofeeler’s free service you can be reassured of the fact that a diverse enough cross section of the population has given you their opinion, not just your brother- in- law.

Isn’t technology great~ especially when it enhances our own efforts.

Defining, Sharpening & Projecting your Professional Brand is one of the many areas we cover in the The Career Strategy Formula to equip you for the new world of work, so if  you haven’t yet thought through what your Professional Brand is  – commit to starting today with this #1 Career Strategy Tip.

Take charge and stay in charge of your #CareerStrategy.

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