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3Things to Let Go & 3 Things to Keep in your Career Strategy

Your career strategy, like any epic journey in life, requires the just right amount of the correct Thinking & Attitudes. Consider these if you will as your GPS (Thinking) & water (Attitudes) without which your journey would be well over before it had begun. I enjoy the metaphor of our thoughts as a GPS system,…

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How to make Recruiters work for you

Take charge of your Career Search; get Strategic with Recruiters. If working with a recruitment company forms part of your Career Strategy than this information is essential for you to know and have in order to assess; 1. The likelihood of the recruiters’ ability to place you in a rewarding position. 2. Your ongoing commitment to work…

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How Not to be strategic about your career

How Not to be strategic about your career  aka How I fell into my first career… I had a plan to find my dream career, so I thought. I was in my early 20’s and had returned from extensive backpacking travel abroad.. having delayed the obvious – get a job- conversation with my sponsors, who were…

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