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Ready to experience a profound shift in your work that extends far beyond the confines of your job title?

Ready to quell the internal questioning and indecision and finally know what you want and need in your career?

Ready to face down the fears that are holding you back and keeping you in a 'safe' but deeply unsatifying job?

Revive your career and create a brilliance that not only lights up your own work but inspires those around you

Where your skills, and passions are not only recognized but they bring you a deep a sense of joy and satisfaction.

When your goals and values, align with your work and make a positive impact.

Where you stand in the sunshine of your career with clarity, purpose, impact and joy.

Revive your career and embrace a renewed sense of purpose.


I understand the yearning for a career with more meaning, more relevance and more impact.

Because this was me once.

Now, I've cracked the code to unlock a career that offers you MORE.

And I'm here to share this with you so that you too can revive your passion & purpose in your career.

Get the Code today!


What once seemed like the ideal career may no longer align with your long-term goals......

  • You've reached a plateau, and your professional growth has slowed down.
  • You no longer feel challenged, there is a sense of monotony and boredom in what you do.
  • Your work doesn't align with your personal values anymore and you feel a disconnect from your true self.
  • You want to pivot to a new industry to make a more significant impact on society or the environment.
  • You need to upgrade your skills and want to connect the learning to your future career potential.
  • You are ready to re-enter the workforce after a career break and don't know where to start.

You want more in your career!


Mindset & Action step strategies delivered to you over 5 days to revive your career:

You will get a straightforward pathway to gain the clarity you deserve to navigate the direction of your career and set new rules for the future.

You will learn the strategy to make aligned decisions, invite a fresh perpective to your career, discern which opportunities are right for you and uncover your inner voice to revive your professional life.

Whether you’re seeking something entirely new, wanting to disrupt the way you work or you're on a mission to pioneer a new way of work, the Career Revival Code holds transformative insights and strategies to get you there.

Here's what awaits you over the next 5 days when you get the Code:


{Day #1} Find your inner Career Guru - A detailed 29-page swipe file to discover your own inner guru.

{Day #2} The Career Strategy Formula - How to apply fresh eyes on your career using  a successful formula.

{Day #3} Use the Clarity Strategy - A strategy to avoid falling for the wrong jobs by clearly seeing your purpose.

{Day #4} Law of Cause & Effect - Understand the law and how use it for your benefit to unlock your passions.

{Day #5} New Rules for your Career - Future proof your career and set new rules for your career.







 5 Days | 5 Emails

✅  Break free from your corporate shackles and start on your entrepreneurial journey.

✅  Create a lifestyle career that uniquely suits you, holistic & future focused.

✅  Make some big changes in your career over the next 2- 5 years.

✅  Revolutionize your career completely with a tried & tested strategy to follow.

✅  Take control of your career, pursue meaningful work, and thrive in the ever-evolving future of work.



 Recognizing the need for change is the first step to revive your career and that's where you are now:

It's a testament to your commitment to professional growth, and it will lead to a more rewarding, impactful and satisfying career.

Reviving your career is an exciting journey, helping you reach new heights of fulfillment and success.

Activate the code to transform where you are now to where you want to be next!


The service Licia offers falls in the realm of ''transcendence'' - she helped me go beyond my perceived boundaries to plot a new journey for my career.~ Tanya Reeves


Working with Licia brought excitement to my career, it felt safe to want more and to be more. Working with Licia gave me courage to pursue my options and to better understand what I was searching for. ~ Ligia Human


She is honest, direct, has a high EQ and unapologetic in the way she helps you understand your true self and worth. ~ Amira Elmissiry- Sulai

She has an uncanny ability to nudge you - or if necessary, push you - out of your comfort zone, while creating a safe and encouraging environment along the way. ~Robert Davids


Her ability to guide and steer you to create a vision that is both ambitious and realistic is definitely one of the most rewarding experiences on the journey ~ Nadia Mohamed


Licia is the ultimate motivator who will keep you on your toes. I have had periods of serious self-doubt and now spending time working through Licia's programme has helped clear away those doubts and my confidence has returned. ~ Sam Pollard

Licia has empowered me to be the leader of my career. ~ Debbie Venables

She challenged me to be confident, dream big and set big audacious goals. She stood by me every step of the way and was instrumental in helping me develop a clear picture of my brand ~ Johann Koster

Licia, a powerful igniter of peoples’ true potential. ~ Rizwaan Ismail

She has such a unique ability to help you see what your future career should look like without using the copy and paste approach. ~ Phumzile Mtshali