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3Things to Let Go & 3 Things to Keep in your Career Strategy

Your career strategy, like any epic journey in life, requires the just right amount of the correct Thinking & Attitudes. Consider these if you will as your GPS (Thinking) & water (Attitudes) without which your journey would be well over before it had begun.

I enjoy the metaphor of our thoughts as a GPS system, because it really isn’t too far a stretch of the imagination to consider that our own internal thinking directs us forward or holds us back. And attitudes as water because we need to consume water to survive, and the quality of our lives is in direct proportion to the quality of that which we consume; water= attitude.

Therefore, as you set out it is essential to check that the GPS & water that you plan to take along with you, are in good working order, because these will surely be the measure of your success.

– Your GPS, like your thinking will constantly refresh and update itself in order to remain functioning and healthy. Any amount of stagnation or negativity will cause you to stop in your tracks.

– Similarly, you will need to actively refill your attitudes with clean, fresh, unpolluted life fuelling source as you would a water bottle. If the water you intake is poisoned, then your journey is done no matter how well performing your GPS system is.
So, with all good metaphors intact, here are the 3 things to let go & the 3 things to keep with you along this epic journey of life.

3 Things to Let go:

1. Holding on to other people’s opinions:

These will not serve you, unless this is qualified to come from a mentor or professional guide who has your best interests at heart, just let go. Opinions are free, and no matter how well intentioned they are, you need to be a guardian at the gatepost of your mind and apply a thick fat filter to what your well-meaning community or tribe will dish out to you. Let them keep their opinions and you don’t need too.

2. The thought that tells you ‘It’s impossible for me too …’

….get paid what I want,
….work half day,
….work at a certain company, not work as a certain company,
….work from home,
….love my work,

…. Self-limiting, damaging and no good ever comes of assuming a what negative people defend as realism. If ‘it’s impossible for you too….’ before you’ve even started then spare the world and don’t bother. Let it go and fill your mind, heart and soul with the power of possibility. It is so much lighter and easier to carry around all day.

3. Doing the same thing you have always done and expecting a different result:

This is the definition of insanity according to Einstein. What may have served you in 1980 in your career strategy, is certainly not going to keep you on track in 2017. The world is changing at a rapid pace, and so to should our approach to our careers and getting a career that we love. Let this go.

3 Things to Keep:

1.Your curiosity

Without which your imagination will not function, and without which you may miss opportunities that subtlety nudge you in a certain direction. Remaining curious will ensure that all possible avenues and pathways are open to you because you will have the ability to enquire about them. Never stop asking questions, it is healthy to do so, and keeps your environment in check. Nuture your curiosity and it will serve you well.

2. Persistent consistency in your actions

Hitting the gym 3 days a week for one whole month is admirable but useless if you don’t keep it up. Using publishing on LinkedIn to elevate your social influence is a strong platform if you stick to a regular publishing cycle. Leveraging your networks won’t yield good results if you only do so at the end of the year. Commit to a persistent and consistent strategy or set of career strategies that are sustainable and doable for your weekly, at the very least if not monthly. Your activity will build and compound over time. Stick with it.

3. A willingness to learn something new almost every day

When the student is ready the teacher appears, and when you get strategic about your career there is a magic in the universe that steps up to help you. Making a decision charges an exciting energy that the universe responds to, even if that decision is to learn what changes need to be made, you will be well supported along your way. Stay open and stay in tune with what your intuition is telling you. It is most vital to keep hold of this.

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